Angaza is a Swahili word that means "to illuminate" or "to shed light".

We aim to be at the forefront of environmental solutions in Rwanda, by shedding light on newer concepts, through innovative creations and community engagement.

Meet the Team

  • Monica Umwari

    Managing Director

  • Felicien Mutabazi


The Angaza Process

Our Materials

We transform Kigali's non-biodegradable waste, like vinyl advertising banners and jute rice bags, into one-of-a-kind accessories, such as purses, wallets and various types of bags.

Each of our products is lined with a fabric called Kitenge in East Africa or Ankarain West Africa.

Because of the nature of the materials we use, no two of our products are exactly the same. They may come "seasoned" with the elements of Kigali's sun, wind and rain under which they have survived to make your unique bag. It is truly yours and yours alone.

The Next Generation

Angaza wants to revolutionize environmental education in Rwanda, by engaging students in fun and hands-on activities, so they may grow up knowing the importance of protecting the environment, and thereby engender a more conscious generation of Africans rooted in sustainable practices.

Get Involved

Do you have some old advertising banners gathering dust in a corner somewhere and would like to donate them to us? Join us as we reduce plastic pollution!